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Student created meetups

Meet new people at university by joining a mixed range of student-created meetups. Students host all activities on the app as a way to connect with others and build real, meaningful connections. Uniby is the best place to make the most of your social life at university.

Connect with others

On Uniby you can share your passion with other like-minded students.

Build new connections in your city or at you university by doing more of what you like.

Selected student venues

Discover a selected range of student venues in your area.

Find new places to organise your socials and get access to the latest student offers when you meet up at your favourite spots.

Uniby meetups is launching soon…

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By students for students

Uniby was created by two students studying in London and Bath. We aim to connect others through meaningful interaction by creating a community where students can meet up and share the activities they enjoy the most.

We’re kicking off in London


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