Uniby connects students through shared experiences.

We empower university students through digital technology to build real-life, meaningful connections.

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Our mission

We believe the relationships you form at university are an essential part of your student experience.

During the last decade, socialising has become increasingly challenging for young people. Rapid innovation in technology and social interaction have lead students to spending more time online and isolated from others.


COVID-19 has added unprecedented social barriers for students, resulting in even less time being spent in the company of others. With online learning instead of lectures,  nightlife grinding to a halt, university events cancelled, gatherings being limited and a range of imposed restrictions, students are understandably looking forward to better times ahead.

Uniby can help in facilitating the process of meeting new people.

We strive to decrease the loneliness that many of us have recently felt and to promote happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives for university students.

Our values

At Uniby, our values are driven by action and emotion. They guide how we operate and collaborate internally and with the wider community.


We implement positive change


We foster relationships


We are diverse and inclusive


We listen to students


We unite people


We embrace change